Server Rules

Griefing is defined as:

- Breaking player placed blocks
- Placing blocks in or around a building that’s not yours
- Killing other people’s animals
- Freeing other people’s animals from pens or leads
- Farming other people’s farms without explicit permission

Taking from chests/furnaces/storage that does not belong to you, or whose owner has not given express permission for you to do so is considered looting.

Harassing, Bullying and disrespect will not be tolerated in any way.

Spreading information about exploit methods is bannable too.

Failure to comply will result in an instant ban and in worst cases, you won’t have a chance to appeal.

Don’t build there, as that world will get reset regularly, any buildings or items lost will not be replaced.

Exploiting a bug can be considered a bannable offense.

TPkilling is requesting and obtaining a teleport with the objective of killing the counterpart.

Failure to do so can fall in the “harassment” category, and will be treated as such.

Unless they’re ok with that, same goes for Towny areas: use /towny map to check around you.

If talking doesn’t solve the problem, take the issue up with a higher staff member.

In case of very serious infractions, this chance can be denied.

According to the netiquette, writing in capitals means shouting, if you need to highlight a word, use colors or **stars**.

Spamming is sending the same message (or very similar messages) over and over, linking a large succession of items, using repetitive symbols, or excessive colors.

This is a Family Friendly server, and cursing, foul language, and non-pg subjects will not be tolerated. Infractions can be met with fines of gold, warnings, and eventually a ban.

If you find a word that should be censored, make a ticket and don’t use it. Going around the censor is grounds for a warning.

Naming other servers is fine to an extent (Staff can determine if something is Advertising or not.) Never paste links or server IP’s, this will lead to an immediate ban.

Links could bring players to unsafe websites, refrain from posting links. Posting links is grounds for an immediate warning or ban.

Scam is the act of disguising low-value items as higher ones, or in any way using the lack of information of a player to trick them into a seriously disadvantageous deal.

but if you find the owner, returning said item is promoted, and may even be rewarded by a small gift from the staff.

EXP farms cause large amounts of server lag, and AFK farms can allow players to exploit server mechanics. Both are prohibited, and construction or use of them can result in a ban.

All farms need to be hand-harvested, or else activated by a button press. Construction or use of an auto-farm is grounds for a warning or a ban.

Large redstone builds or fast-flashing redstone can cause server lag. If a redstone build is causing lag, it will be broken and the builder will receive a verbal reminder. Continued use will result in a warning.

If you find a bug, please ticket it so that we can fix it as soon as possible.

Chat Rules

These are usually subjects that bring up fights, avoid them altogether.

Fighting in chat ruins the server experience of everyone, please refrain from doing so, if a discussion is really necessary, keep it civil, and out of public chats.

This includes overuse of symbols or emotes, as well as sending the same message over and over.

Any of the listed actions will almost surely lead to a ban from the server.

We’re a community, we value everybody as a person, and you should do it too.

There could be minors playing on this server, please keep a calm and polite tone, and clean language.

Arguing with staff in chat can be considered a warble offense. If you have a problem with a ruling a staff member has made, please make a ticket or a forum post for a senior staff member to deal with.

If no staff is online at the time, stay kind and calm, make a ticket if necessary, and notify staff of the situation as soon as you can.

There are many ways of earning money, simplest is Voting for us on a server list. Begging will just make people upset.

If you have any questions about our rules, please ask one of our staff members and they will be happy to help you.