Welcome to the Lands of Wysteria community Discord. This discord channel is officially supported and sanctioned by the Owners of the Lands of Wysteria minecraft server, and run by our staff.
Not only is our community discord a great place to make friends, talk about random stuff, meet new people and more, but it is also your link to all the latest and greatest of our server's updates; from picture reveals of upcoming features to announcements about streams being held by our awesome Youtube community, to Updates and Changelogs that are updated frequently, letting you know exactly what is going on on our server at all times.
Our Discord server follows the same standards as our Minecraft server as we strive to make it a healthy and safe place for everyone. Please make sure to follow all of the rules so everyone can have the best experience possible.

Lands of Wysteria Discord Rules:

~No Politics or Religion
These are usually subjects that bring up fights, avoid them alltogether

~No Drama or Fighting
Fighting in chat ruins the server experience of everyone, please refrain from doing so, if a discussion is really necessary, keep it civil, and out of public chats.

~No spamming.
This includes overuse of symbols or emotes, as well as sending the same message over and over.

~Displays of racism, sexism, bigotry, or other offensive treatment of other players will not be tolerated.

~Be respectful to everyone in chat.

~Please keep all discussions family-friendly.
There could be minors playing on this server, please keep a calm and polite tone, and clean language.

~If a member of staff makes a ruling on a situation, please respect that ruling. Never argue with a member of staff.

~If a problem arises and staff is online, please let the staff handle the situation.

~Please avoid excessive use of caps, and repetitive letters.

~Your discord name must match your ingame name.